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During the course of investigating, you may hear us use some of the following terminology. Always feel free to ask us to clarify anything that comes up.

Digital audio| In reference to digital audio recorders or their recordings. Where most of our recovered evidence comes from.


'Full-spec'/full spectrum| A camera shooting across an array of visible light, usually using an IR light source.

IR light| Light source for 'night vision' cameras; not typically visible to the naked eyed.

Evidence review/'review'| The process of listening to and/or watching hours of footage recorded during an investigation. This can take some time to cover all of, and thoroughly.

EDI| Instrument used to gather data in real time, typically giving indications of EMF waves, temperature fluctuations in its immediate vicinity, and physical vibration/movement of the surface it occupies.

K-2| Measures EMF waves in real time.

Geophone| Measures vibration and movement; typically used to detect errant or unexplained physical interaction.

EVP| Electronic voice phenomena. Documented audio recordings of sounds and voices that were not overtly present at the time of recording process.

Light anomaly| A recorded light without an identifiable source.

Temporal anomaly| Used to describe an array of evidence linked to peculiarities in time. An example would be an EVP answering an investigator's question before it is asked, or recording a duplicate noise in an environment hours after the original noise was noted.

'Intelligent'| Used to describe something in the environment that appears to be cognizant of its surroundings and will at times intentionally interact with them.

'Residual'| Used to describe something paranormal in the environment that recurs as a result of being 'stamped in' through a process that is as of yet understood.

Apparition| The image or appearance of energy in an environment in a roughly recognizable biological shape.

Non-human entity| An energy in an environment that is acting intelligently, but has been ruled out as following 'human' patterns of behavior.

Shadow| Something observed in the environment which obscures light or is cast without explanation as to source.

EMF| Electromagnetic fields, often caused by ionization as something changes the charge of the environment.

Doppleganger| Phenomenon in which a witness attests to seeing someone present in an environment who was verified to have not been present in reality.

Precognitive| Relating to information that appears predictive in nature.

Parapsychology| Branch of psychology dedicated to the study of the human psyche and its interactions with the environment in non-traditional ways.

Cryptid| A creature not yet fully recognized or documented by traditional biology, but is believed to possibly exist.

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