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Enduring mysteries

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Big Woods/Antioch Cemetery

With decades of paranormal claims behind it, this pair of cemeteries in Edgerly, LA has long been regarded as haunted by locals. Two churches once stood beside the graves, both of which met untimely demises. Rumors of cult gatherings nagged the resting place for years. O7S was the first group officially allowed to investigate the grounds after the gates closed to the public at nightfall. What we found only bolstered our belief that not only is Big Woods active with paranormal phenomena, but it may be one of the most haunted cemeteries in America.

The Ellis Hill Light

Dating back as far as the 1960s (according to the accounts we've been able to uncover), travelers heading north or south along Highway 109 just north of the town of Starks, LA have been encountering a mystery light that seems attached to the stretch of road. It is almost always described as a bright, white ball of light, and is often seen as acting with some sort of sentience. Many theories posit where the light may have come from, many of which seem to pull from urban legend. Despite the ongoing sightings of the light, to this day, it has not been photographed or recorded.

Black Panthers

There are a lot of experienced outdoorsmen in southwest Louisiana, and a surprising number of them attest to encountering black panthers in the area and in neighboring southeast Texas. Supposedly, these animals don't exist in North America.


From Vernon and Rapides Parish, to along the Sabine/I-10 corridor, southwest Louisiana has always had its share of sasquatch sightings. This picture was submitted from a hunter in Vernon Parish. There are variations on this cryptid, from the 'Boggy Creek Monster' to the alleged 'rougarou'.

Old Calcasieu Parish Courthouse

Employees of this old structure in downtown Lake Charles, LA have long relayed accounts of phantom smells, sounds, and sights at their place of employment, along with office devices that sometimes take a life of their own. It was the life of murderer Toni Jo Henry that was taken here when she was executed at the establishment in the early twentieth century. It is speculated Henry continues to stalk the courthouse, in particular the old cells upstairs where she was held. Pictured is former O7S member Ketti on the stand in the central courtroom during our investigation.

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