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Who We Are

Although formally established in 2014, members of The Old No. 7 Society have been investigating the paranormal since 2009. Our methods have grown with our ranks, whom are listed below.


Kelli Hughes| Investigator| Kelli is an applied behavioral analysis interventionist educated at McNeese State University, and has had careers with various investigative functions. She has been practicing the art of Tarot card reading and serving as a spiritual medium for over seventeen years. In that time, has specialized in occult practices and paranormal activity. Her belief: "Everything is energy."


April Benoit| Investigator| April works as an administrative assistant. She is educated in information technology. She has always been interested in the paranormal and finds beauty in “dark things”. April is a Christian, with a strong belief in spirituality. She is the mother of 3 humans and one dog, and a grandmother of 3.  April is very grateful for the opportunity to investigate with this team and looks forward to our future investigations  


Alvin Cole | Investigator| Alvin Cole (or just "Cole") is an agriculturalist who was born and raised in southwest Louisiana. 


Shelby Benoit | Investigator| Though raised Christian, Shelby has pantheistic beliefs, and is also learning more about the power within ourselves and in crystals. Drawn to all things dark, she also believes in healing others and remaining in a healthy state herself. She is a mother. After doing some paranormal investigating on her own, Shelby looks forward to working more with O7S.


Dylan Royer| Co-founder, investigator| Dylan is a former security professional. He has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and is always open to new theories to prove or disprove unexplained happenings. He is married with two children. Dylan looks forward to many more investigations with his team and is excited about the future of the group.


Jeremy Royer | Director, co-founder| Jeremy is a licensed psychotherapist who has studied parapsychology and other aspects of the paranormal throughout his life. Although open to any explanation, he does prefer demonstrative evidence over blind faith. He is married with two children. Proud of his team and the work they've accomplished, Jeremy looks forward to serving Louisiana for years to come.

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